Firo Yang

My chinese name is 杨永明, 永(yong) is 行辈(seniority in the family) means prosperous family.
I am a junior philosoher, applied sociologist and Linux kernel hacker.
Now, I live in Beijing and worked in 极路由, a router manufacturer.
Connect me though email:
 echo -e ‘#define mb(a,b) a##@b\nmb(firogm,‘|gcc -E -x c - 2>&-|tail -n 1

认识论, 旅行, 健身, 化妆品, 内核, 文学, 日式动画游戏, Karl Popper, 维特根斯坦, 木心 any topic is welcome:-)

The person who inspire me

Leonardo da Vinci
Elon Musk
Aaron SwartzThe Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz