Computer architecture



Reference asm global label in C
char _text[]; x86_64_64;
unsigned long _text; x86_64_PC32
They are different in amrithmatic operstion.

Latency Numbers Every Programmer Should Know
How a CPU Works
A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits
The Mathematical Theory of Communication
Given a symbol level, the architecture is the description of the system in
whatever system-description scheme exists next below the symbol level. - Newell, 1990, p. 81
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Structured Computer Organization 6th Edition
Digital Design and Computer Architecture 2nd Edition
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Write Great Code: Volume 1: Understanding the Machine
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Intel 64 and IA-32 architectures software developers manual combined volumes 3A, 3B, and 3C: System programming guide


model: 1570s, “likeness made to scale; architect’s set of designs,” from Middle French modelle
Semantics in computer science: In programming language theory, semantics is the field concerned
with the rigorous mathematical study of the meaning of programming languages.
Language primitive
ISA: memory model, registers, data types, instructions, word size(?).
Memory model: unit of address resolution, word, aligment, address space, addressing mode, memory barrier/memory order primitive’s semantics.
#x86 Interrupt
If interrupt occured in user mode, then cpu will context swith for potential reschedule.
The Interrupt Descriptor Table (IDT) is a data structure used by the x86 architecture to implement an interrupt vector table.
##Hardware interrupts
are used by devices to communicate that they require attention from the operating system.
more details in init_IRQ() or set_irq() in driver.
##software interrupt
more details in trap_init().
* exception or trap
is caused either by an exceptional condition in the processor itself,
divide zero painc?
* special instruction, for example INT 0x80
or a special instruction in the instruction set which causes an interrupt when it is executed.


serial communication: UART(16550) + RS-232
parallel communication: SCSI, ISA, ATA, PCI, FSB

Data struct aligment

The Lost Art of C Structure Packing
Typical alignment of C structs on x86


struct foo {
char c;
int i;};
如果是32位, cpu 一次取4byte a word 数据.
如果我们把i的前3byte和c存到一起, 剩下1byte of i自己单独存.
那么我们访问i这个数据就要读两个4byte a word. 对cpu来说性能损耗.
如果我们把i单独放到4byte 对齐的地址, 那么我们只需要一次cpu读取.fast!


  1. Casting variables to types of different lengths, 比如char * 到int *
  2. Pointer arithmetic followed by access to at least 2 bytes of data , 不太理解.


  3. 什么也不干, 按默认对齐来Natural alignment

  4. 为了不影响性能, 同时减少内存使用, 编程时最好显示reorder.

  5. get/put_unaligned to avoid analigned access.

  6. 通过attribute aligned指定对齐要求.

  7. 数据要在不同体系, 32/64之间使用, 比如网络,写到disk, 我们必须要attribute packed
    也就是说不对齐, 不同平台对齐可能不同, 我们不能让数据corruption.

    如果数据不对齐有什么, cpu怎么办?


  8. 如果用了packed, 编译器会生成extra代码阻止非对齐访问, performance loss.

  9. cpu呢? 可能正确处理raise a exception to fix it with performance loss.

    Calculate the sizeof of aligned c struct

    Data alignment means putting the data at a memory address equal to some multiple of the word size,
    which increases the system’s performance due to the way the CPU handles memory.

  10. find the widest scalar member and attribute( aligned(x)) to determin alignment.

  11. fill the member to alignement without wrap
    把结构的成员一次填满对齐宽度, 不够的填到下个对齐宽度, 空出来留着padding

  12. Pading to alignment


Endianness: Big and Little Endian Byte Order
应该说bit endianess 实际存储只有MSB … LSB这一种二进制表达形式! 在上面的文章的representtion, 辅证这一点.
之所以输出逆序, 是因为错误里理解了, bit 序. bit 序是cpu 读取的方式, 不是存储的方式!

bit endianness

u8 ihl:4,
#elif defined (
__u8 version:4,
#error “Please fix
ipv4 header的拓扑
version ihl
0100 0101
因为le的cpu是 lsb first, 也就是从最左面的1开始读, 所以第一个是ihl
而be的cpu是 msb first, 从最右开始所以version开头.
而使用unsigned char ver_ihl
(ver_ihl & 0xf0)>> 4 = version
ver_ihl & 0x0f = ihl