The definitive guide to Linux x86 entries

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Entry irq

对Linux x86-64架构上硬中断的重新认识

Steps to handle intterrupt

For logical address to linear address, see intel SDM v3a 3.4 LOGICAL AND LINEAR ADDRESSES.
For stack switching during escalate the CPL, see SDM v3a 5.8.5 stack switching. The processor will automatically chose the espCPL stack to use during changing in privilege level.
For more details on stack switching, please check the Figure 5-13. Stack Switching During an Interprivilege-Level Call
For fast system call, check 3a 5.8.7 Performing Fast Calls to System Procedures
For TSS and TR, check 3a 7.2
For Linux hanld irq processes, check ULK 3rd Chapter 4: Hardware Handling of Interrupts and Exceptions

Entry exception


Check Documentation/x86/entry_64.txt


tglx: commit 0457d99a336be658cea1a5bdb689de5adb3b382d
Author: Andi Kleen
AuthorDate: Tue Feb 12 20:17:35 2002 -0800
Commit: Linus Torvalds
CommitDate: Tue Feb 12 20:17:35 2002 -0800
[PATCH] x86_64 merge: arch + asm

Entry system calls

The Definitive Guide to Linux System Calls

Fast path

commit 21d375b6b34ff511a507de27bf316b3dde6938d9
Author: Andy Lutomirski
Date: Sun Jan 28 10:38:49 2018 -0800
x86/entry/64: Remove the SYSCALL64 fast path

sysenter vs syscall

Measurements of system call performance and overhead
AMD vs Intel and syscall vs sysenter
System Call Optimization with the SYSENTER Instruction
Sysenter Based System Call Mechanism in Linux 2.6

system call restart mechanism and ORIG_EAX

A new system call restart mechanism
Why set ORIG_EAX(%esp) to -1 in arch/i386/kernel/entry.S:error_code?

kernel implementations

64-bit long mode: syscall; check syscall_init
64-bit compatible kernel: sysenter, syscall, or int 0x80; check __kernel_vsyscall and def_idts
32-bit kernel: int 0x80, sysenter;

64-bit without COMPAT_32/compatible kernel support

[ 730.583700] traps: int80[1697] general protection ip:4000c4 sp:7ffd84b59730 error:402 in int80[400000+1000]
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

x86_64 rcx and r10

Check x86_64 ABI: Linux conventions and according to x86 syscall instruction, rcx is used to passing next rip.
According to entry_SYSCALL_64, rcx is rip before it is pushed on the kernel stack. So r10 is right 4th args passed from userspace.
According to do_syscall_64, regs->ax = sys_call_tablenr;

x86_32 asmlinkage

By default gcc passes parameters on the stack for x86-32 arch, so what is it needed for? It’s because linux kernel uses -mregparm=3 option which overrides the default behaviour
enbaled -mregparm=3 Shrinking the kernel with gcc
What is asmlinkage?
However, for C functions invoked from assembly code, we should explicitly declare the function’s calling convention, because the parameter passing code in assembly side has been fixed. Show all predefined macros for your compiler


Obtain sys_call_table on amd64(x86_64)


Creating a vDSO: the Colonel’s Other Chicken
What is
glibc -> AT_SYSINFO-> __kernel_vsyscall -> sysenter/syscall/in0x80
just for vDSO syscalls
glibc -> AT_SYSINFO_EHDR-> vDSO elf
On vsyscalls and the vDSO
linux syscalls on x86 64