IO and events


What is the status of POSIX asynchronous I/O AIO
hat’s the difference between event-driven and asynchronous? Between epoll and AIO?
Asynchronous I/O and event notification on linux
Gnu Libc Perform I/O Operations in Parallel

Really confuing conceptions

What is Asynchronous I/O?
The onset of I/O is splitted from nuclus.
First, asynchronous I/O can be happned in UP machine.
AIO is based on Proactor, more portable.

Aynchoronous event notfication

epoll is based on Reactor pattern.
signal is based on Observer pattern.
For the ease of use, the select loop is implemented as an event loop with callbacks.
libevent and libev is a well-designed event loop.Check shadowsocks for using of libev.


memory-map IO