Kernel memory bug - SLAB's 3 lists are corrupted.

Recently, I was working on a kernel memory bug.
L3: kernel BUG at ../mm/slab.c:2804! bad LRU list and active values in page structs in possible use-after-free

After digging the binary vmcore file of kdump, I got the following findings.

Node 0


list page.lru -H 0xffff8801a7c01348 -s page.lru,s_mem,active,slab_cache,flags >n0p.log
n0p -> n0f=0xffff8801a7c01358


list page.lru -H 0xffff8801a7c01358 -s page.lru,s_mem,active,slab_cache,flags >n0f.log
n0f ->
lru = {
next = 0xffffea0080ed53e0,
prev = 0xffffea00405f8ae0
s_mem = 0xffff8801a408e000
active = 16
slab_cache = 0xffff8801a7c00400
flags = 6755398367314048
lru = {
next = 0xffffea00422a34e0,
prev = 0xffffea00069023a0
s_mem = 0xffff88203b54f000
active = 7
slab_cache = 0xffff8801a7c00400
flags = 24769796876796032
… -> n1f = 0xffff881107c00358

Node 1


crash> list page.lru -H 0xffff881107c00348 -s page.lru,s_mem,active,slab_cache,flags >n1p.log
nip-> SLAB ffffea0043ab74e0 -> 0xffff881107c00348 = n1p
SLAB ffffea0043ab74e0’s prev pointing to 0xffff881107c00358


crash> list page.lru -H 0xffff881107c00358 -s page.lru,s_mem,active,slab_cache,flags >n1f.log
n1f-> SLAB ffffea0043ab74e0 -> … -> 0xffff881107c00348 = n1p

This issue occured on a NUMA system with 2 memory nodes.
Both node 0 and node 1’s SLAB’s partial and full lists were corrupted. After looking into this issue a few days, I talked to Vlastimil Babka.
He provided a fix for this issue. That is 7810e6781e0fcbca78b91cf65053f895bf59e85f - mm, page_alloc: do not break __ GFP_THISNODE by zonelist reset.

Now, I have a question: why did I cannot solve this issue?