The epistemology on which I am living




If you don’t control youself, you will be definitely controlled by others.



Principal cause and secondary cause


Learn by doing;
Live in the moment


Loss function
Recover and relax


Chain reaction




comprehensive derivation
unseal meaning



Opportunity cost


  1. Power for human is that thoughts create, change reality
  2. Pragmatism: Thoughts are consistent with realities/actions



    Nothing new under the sun.

    The evil, kakurenbo, The world is controling and assimilating us.

    Thoughts are usually not capable to control reality

    What could we do

    control yourself
    Control your desire:
    Use causality
    No poll and no wait
    Vicariousness: watch game news; read kernel book on the implementation

    3 Thoughts and reality

    Incomplete, wrong, fiddled
    知识的局限性 碎片化的知识无用, 碎片化知识切割人生.
    Law of the hammer.

    Subjective assume

    过份相信主观能力. 看懂内核代码, 非常耗时, 困难(实现对应的signifiers 非常难找, 有些时候还有歧义, 如packet_rcv的PACKET_LOOPBACK), 费时费力不等于学到的多, 往往意味相反.
    Trying harder doesn’t mean effectness. 不要感动自己, 方法不对,越努力差距越大.

    Loss function

    Imperfect Understanding and radical fallibity are the natue of human.

    Critical thinking

    Completeness, consistency, validity, soundness. – Logic

    Reflexcity – Soros

    Hypothesize bravely/boldly, to prove carefully

    Free from the curse of symbols

    People cannot see something wihout being denominated


    牛人心态: 牛人姿态, 会成为牛人, 研究东西,牛人洞察力,牛人水准, 研发出来的需要实战、需要工程化,否则只是玩具,而不能成为真的武器

4 Mind




Just as the largest library, badly arranged, is not so useful as a very moderate one that is well arranged, so the greatest amount of knowledge, if not elaborated by our own thoughts, is worth much less than a far smaller volume that has been abundantly and repeatedly thought over. The difference between the effect produced on the mind by thinking for oneself and that produced by reading is incredibly great; and thus it is for ever increasing the original disparity between minds, by virtue whereof we are driven to the one or to the other. Thus reading forces on the mind ideas that are as foreign and heterogeneous to the tendency and mood it has at the moment, as is the seal to the wax whereon it impresses its stamp. Thus the mind is totally compelled from without to think first of one thing and then of another, for which it has absolutely no inclination or disposition. … Therefore the mind is deprived of all its elasticity by much reading as is a spring when a weight is continually applied to it; This practice is the reason why erudition makes most men more stupid and simple than they are by nature and also deprives their literary careers of every success. - Schopenhauer Parerga and Paralipomena Vol.2 Chapter XXII


Feynman method

Break things down to first principles

简化, few is more.

要把它想的很简单, 达到豁然开朗; 记少不记多,反而记更多; 时间是否充裕,都先记少; Occam’s razor


Descartes’s methods
Imitate and creativity; Top-down, bottom-up; Beginner, intermediate, advanced; Understanding and doing; MECE (Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive): Expand all cases, check page_check_references; Positive and negtive; Onset, nucleus, coda

Hyposis and test; Trail and error

The Archaeology of Knowledge


Leave questions open

there are always some knowledge which is very complicated to understand and we should leave them alone.
I have never thought about questions that are not real ones - I have not squandered myself. – N


5 Ego and body

Love yourself;
Don’t limit yourself. Don’t be paranoid. Don’t get religous about specific programming skill.
I know I will be lost and confused in my whole life.

Psychology and Biology

Learning How to Learn
Maintain energy, inclination and disposition, 25 minutes
The sense of achievement, Showing-off

Cognitive Psychology

你有什么值得分享的高效学习方法? - 高冷冷的回答 - 知乎



Chapter 6 section 1: 记忆还依赖于人的已有的知识结构,只有当输入的信息以不同形式汇入人脑中已有的知识系统时,新的信息才能在头脑中更好地巩固下来。

Retrieval and Repeat

复习是学习之母。”每一本重要的书籍都必须一气呵成连续读上两遍。原因之一是在阅读第二遍的时候,我们会更好地理解书中内容的整体关联,而只有知道了书的结尾才会明白书的开头;原因之二就是在第二次阅读的时候,我们的心境、情绪与在第一次阅读时已经有所不同。这样,我们获得的印象也会不一样。情形就好比在不同光线之下审视同一样的物体 –论阅读与书籍
精细进行复述是存储信息最有效的方法,它是指把要记住的内容和已有的知识经验联系起来。存储是信息编码和提取的中间环节,它在记忆过程中有着重要的作用。 - 普通心理学 Chapter 6 section 1


Think for yourself

Don’t start from the pure conceptions, from the real basic problems. Problems before conceptions.
All by themselves my eyes put an end to all bookwormery, otherwise known as philology: I was released from the ‘book’, and read nothing more for years—the greatest favour I have ever done myself!That nethermost self, as if buried alive, as if made mute beneath the constant need to pay heed to other selves (—which is what reading is!) awoke slowly, shyly, hesitantly—but finally it spoke again. I have never been so happy with myself as in my life’s periods of greatest illness and pain: you need only take a look at Daybreak or The Wanderer and His Shadow to understand what this ‘return to myself ’ was: the highest kind of recuperation!… The other kind simply followed on from this. –Human, All Too Human With Two Continuations
What did Richard Feynman mean when he said, “What I cannot create, I do not understand”?
his blackboard at the time of death
What is science by Feyman, do you know brown-throated thrush?

7 Forming mind structure over change/time


Plain worldview; learning by doing
等价交换,No pain no gain
参与创造在理解过程。重点是创造,创造能帮助你更好的理解, 只要创造不同才能吸引别人。
Question-based thinking not Solution-based thinking.
看别人的实现, 不仅不能学到知识, 更为糟糕的是破坏了自己的创造力.
Vicariousness!!quick understanding, no complex brain labors, it’s easy. But it also brings fake.
时间花在别人的实现上, 就没有自己的实现了.


“记录在纸上的思想,不过是像在沙上行走者的足迹而已,我们也许能看到他所走过的路径;如果我们想要知道他在路上看见些什么,则必须用我们的眼睛” - Schopenhauer
事实 我们要实事求是,现在像贴贴标语,什么打倒田中义一等,都仅务虚名,像豆腐店里生意不好,看看“对我生财”泄闷一样。又像是以前的画符,一画符病就好的思想。贴了打倒帝国主义,帝国主义就真个打倒了么?这不对,我们应做切实的工作,奋力的做去。 – Hu Shi
How much we understand the world isn’t better than how well.
不要成为跑马场, 叔本华晚年整理的论文杂集《附录和补遗》里的《论思考》第4节 别人的跑马场. or in 叔本华美学随笔.
观看阅读别人创造的现成的内容, 能让人短暂的知道哪些东西是怎么实现的, 却不能让你获得创造那样内容的能力. 即便是看似最简单基础的内容都无法理清. – Wang Yin
Take the programs, modify them and enhance them. –Stevens
我们必须流下热汗 才能真正拥有父亲留下的遗产 –Goethe

Holistic learning; graft/connect. 思想和生活应该是有机的整体, 具有生命力, 有条理, 内在逻辑.

The whole is other than the sum of the parts. –Gestalt psychology

Model of thinking - Linus Torvalds talking with Aalto University students 11:00

强调基础, 基本的事情.


## From current, over Habit & Gradual doing, to Goal

Purpose practice

The key is deliberative practice: not just doing it again and again, but challenging yourself with a task that is just beyond your current ability

Best practice training model

feel pain feel uncomfortable feel growing.
深刻感受自己不足. 感受灵活熟练使用能力. 二者的差距. 做不到的桎梏.
kernel 极度复杂, 理解只能起到表皮作用, 作为技能需要熟练掌握大量基础技能, 这需要.

Successful cases analysis

Background, what she/he did, environment, chance


Just for fun
能力, 理论: think for yourself, 实践: 基础API的使用, expose tools
* 能力 第二种划分: 创造力 对应理论和实践
* 对原有的 问题的 bug fix 能力

英语 是模仿与实践

英语不是理性能得出的, 是大量模仿实践. 理论很少, 而且尽量减少理论投入