Quantitative cognition - The philosophy on which I am living

I am aware of that we need some principles and methods to understand this world.
The following thoughts try to help people to make a good life. They are out of my past life.

The architect

An idea is likes a seed; once planted in a person’s mind, it’s growth is determined by how well it is nourished. Without lasting relevance it might wither and die or become ousted by other ideas that occupy a larger space in the mindspace of the host. Some ideas though, once planted, strike roots and grow from a captivating notion into a fundamental ideology that overshadows and influences every thought that blossoms in it’s wake.” – Homo Ludens or: Kojima’s Evolution of Mankind (Death Stranding), RagnarRox
nature roamer
kzenowalker: feeling/desire
If one thing is a must, do it now.
Doing right things:effectiveness
Strictly Prioritize desires from the most to the least, use D’s methods.
Learning by doing.
Interesting stems from doing right things.
Specific objective
Failsibility: feedback

Recognize subjectivity

First of all, you should know what is subjectivity and objectivity in philosophy.
In my opinion, subjectivity is the most important thing you should know then anything else.
Try to find when morden philosophy rose and why. Hint: read some works of Rene Descartes.
I found some bad effects of sujective mind:
* Deceptive objectivity. The worst case is it make you deem that unstanding is equivalent to doing.
* False target or procedure.(For English, 英语去学TTC的哲学课程, 和用英语与印度技术人员沟通, 这才是真正的目标, 而不是背单词,考试)(K2:以为看懂kernel, 就能做了)
* Deceptive understanding, wrong and absent(not excessive abstraction).
* shirk hardship, seek comfort and enjoyment.
* Frequently changing.
* Fading away along the time.
* Neglect objectivity.
* radical fallibility. – Soros
* Overconfident subjective understanding. – on larning kernel
* Subjective paralysis;Easy to perform and achieve in subjectivity makes objectivity lose interest.
* Flash across
* Quantify problem.
* People cannot see something wihout being denominated
Good points:
* Goku
I use goku to refer/define the reason/fact/ablity that human is able to get stronger/skilled/professional on something.
Words reflect the real wrold. Not just some verbal thing. And we must establish the connection between words and real life meaning.
It’s not a verbal game.

Thank you, Mr Feynman

his blackboard at the time of death
What did Richard Feynman mean when he said, “What I cannot create, I do not understand”?
What is science by Feyman, do you know brown-throated thrush?
The Feynman Technique
* Record every obstacle
* Record every ability/knowledge in cs/pattern.log
* Thrive knowledge
* Proof by contradiction

Objective register machine

copy or create
basic forms from zero.

Objective understanding

0, Cramming(remeber through text), Graphic meaning, Real life meaning(feeling/doing).
The origin of the world./structuralism?
Learning by doing.
How much we understand the world isn’t better than how well.
Trial and error/Scientific method
Critical learning – Popper, Aaron Swartz 25:20
Descartes’s methods
Occam’s razor
Reflexicity – Soros/Statistics-based method training. – Firo
Transformation cognition – Firo
Falsifiability – Popper
Based on small facts. – Firo
Practise based defects collects.

The bad effects of Objectivity
* captivated by the objectivity, didn’t find the orign of world. (K2: 以为看过kernel绝大多数实现,样子就理解了kernel, 那只是更长的Feynman所说的名字, 是cramming)
* indirect false knowledge. fixed by genuine.

World/object/The origins of the world

Zur Sach selbst! … to the things themselves!– Husserl, Wittgenstein
* 不带有色眼光的, 看待事情知识本身. 别说什么你不感兴趣, 有些内容与计算机无关. 这都容易, 造成认知对象的消失, 从而偏见与盲目.
* From inspecting and examining the problem, if will help you to get the right method, not defrauded by the subjectivity. For english learning, not learning english but using english.
* 世界如何变化取决于我们如何看她

每个伟大都来自渺小. – Alien
真实, 实在. – Firo
什么束缚. – Firo
Thrving knowledge. And roots, e.g. problem/ and how to use it, not how does it work.[The hidden knowledge/darkness 阻止了我们]
* Reading kernel book is looking the output of others’s minds. It’s something like ‘flash across’. So it’s fake of objectivity. That’s why I read kernel book. Reading is ok because of we are Tabula rasa.

Over quantity cognition

If we cannot learn something in a short time, even years. It means we are fighting the over quantiy knowledge. We must come up with a way to make us ingenuity. Dealing with problem without knowing vertebra.
What will we meet during the over quantity cognition?
* Constant unacquainted knowledge.
* Large amount of contents to learn.
* Few feedback. No habitat to practice such things.
* We cannot prepare every thing we need.
* Some knowledges are compeletely useless.

Macroscopic directed mind; Keep subjectivity and objectivity consistency;Whit of improving day by day. – Firo

Know how to solve every problem that has been solved. – Feynman
Nothing new under the sun.
小美好, take the programs, modify them and enhance them. – Stevens
Cthulhu, unkonw world, hard to measure, unfalsifiable, unreality, unfathomable, Indeterminacy, unmeasurable, imponderable,indefinite,
Repeat, irregularity, complexity
There is nothing permanent except change. ――Heraclitus
onset, nuclus, coda
Completeness, consistency, validity, soundness. – Logic
The whole is other than the sum of the parts. –Gestalt psychology